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Dear Diary.. its been a while since I last exchanged my feelings thoughts and experiences with you.. hope you didn't feel neglected in any way .. I certainly don't intend to let you down but well.. for my defence.. remember what i told you about the routine.. It's 21 Days ago since i wrote you that the time just flies by while one works everyday and well.. thats the result.. my 6th week started last wednesday and I'm about to extend my originally plan of working for 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

So.. lets start to summerize my last weeks and jobs and activities and what else..

I am still working on the apples at Foxes.. unluckily not on the elevated working platform anymore.. too bad and i was not able to take some proof that i was working on the most awesome machine ever. The Reason for that is that i only worked on that machine on the 1st and 2nd of March.. on the 1st i didn't expected to have that awesome change at my working technique and i didn't bring a camera and on the 2nd I forgot my camera because I overslept and was in a bloody hurry.. well i took several picuteres of my boss driving with it.. and i hope you can imagine how much fun it is up there.

For the rest of the week to the 4 th. I was back on the ground next to Dan the man, James the Irish Taniel the Estonian and Lauwrence eating as much of those Royal gala and Galaxy apples I could because they were about to be finished soon..which then happened.. on the10th of March. On that weekend.. the 5th and the 6th i earned myself some cashmoney by doing some grape bullshit on an hourly pay rate. Sweet! 15 bucks per hour cash in the tasch which came out to 235$ for these two days (: But then there was not much to be happy about.. well that weekend after finishind the apples i did some cool stuff with cleaning dishes at the Gloucester Restaurant.. that made me quite happy but then.. there was nothing.. luckily i could work on the plumb orchard where i worked before on monday the 14th but then I had three days off in the middle of the week.. because the new variety of apples weren't ready yet. Absolutely disappointing and even a bit frustrating because there was not much to do.. not even going to the dam because the weather was like shit! Actually it were 2 and a half day off..not three but the 4 hours grape picking on contract on wednesday morning don't really count for me.. On contract means that you get paid by the amount you pick and that means that you have to work like an insane chinese who took to much ecstasy.. absolutely ridiculous .. 2,80 $ for a bucket. I worked fucking fast and managed to fill about 25 buckets in those 4 hours which means that it's slightly better than an hourly rate of 15 $ but damnit i still feel my back hurting from bending down.. up..down..up..running towards the next line..down..up.. while cutting those bunches of grape bastards. What a bastard of a job!

Then, on the 17th of March was... ehm.. what was it.. yep got it.. it was the day where all irish blokes dress up like green goblins with shamrocks everywhere in order to celebrate the saint Patrick! It was St. Pattys Day and for the first time i saw how funny irish people are and how much they are able to drink :D I thought.. well all the irish get fucking pissed I'am pretty sure that some of them are not able to work tomorrow. True Story, all that green beer knocked james out for the next day and i got his job. My task was to put wires around the branches of young apple trees in order to force them to grow in the right direction. I liked it and after i finished at 3pm I recieved the best call ever since I've been here in Autralia.. It was the Gloucester Motel and they wanted me to work as a waiter for their restaurant.. so i kicked back home jumped into my best clothes.. black trousers..white shoes.. yeah well i don't have any onther shoes..doesn't matter.. and drove to the restaurant where my 28 year-old hot boss showed me around. My first job as a waiter in a foreign country to deal with every customer in english.. i managed to bring the food out to the right table.. everytime i did that i said :'' Enjoy your meal !''

The Boss was happy I was happy and that lead to my job as a waiter..awesome story :D

On Sunday I really hoped to have a day off after that busy weekend but well.. some bloke woke me up and asked me if i want to earn 110 dollar for 7 hours work..i couldn't decline that offer and my sunday was gone..Today is monday the 21st and I have a half day off.. picking still didn't started for me and I'm only working in the Gloucester this evening. In three hours i have to dress up again

I think thats all for the moment.. as you see not much happened except of working. Bla Bla see you next time! Greets from Pemby (:

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