Message from Perth!


Well, I made it to Perth..awesome!

Let see where i can start my story.. probably i beginn with my illegal stay in the cannon Backpackers in Adelaide. The whole thing started without noticing.. actually i got sucked into it. I just made my way from Kingston up north and parked next to the Hostel to drop my girls off when i luckily got into a conversation with other girls who wanted to know something.. i can't remember. So at some point of the talk they told me about everything in the hostel.. free Breakfast, free Apple pies and showers and toilets of course. The best thing was.. and this is the reason why i couldn't refuse to do it.. that the door was locked with a code and that the girls gave it to me. So I parked my car just in a small street next to the Hostel and organised my bed and stuff..Tony my friend from the G.O.R Roadtrip also slept in the Hostel and we caught up just then..Pretty easy and relaxed .. During the day i enjoyed myself getting free stuff and during the night i just went over the street and slept in the car. Only Problem was that i had to pay for that stupid carpark which caused heaps of fines for me..because i didn't wanted to pay ..But clever as i am I simply changed my license plates because my rego expired in these days and as everybody knows.. the fines in australia are on the registration.. not on the driver. Pretty Good!

Not much happened in Adelaide.. one big thing was Australia Day on the 26th of January, which was pretty cool because there was a big parade and an awesome firework and all people on the streets and in the Pubs weared Australian Flags and sang funny Australian songs, like '' Aussie Aussie Aussie.. Ho Ho Ho!'' We got drunk and sang along On the whole Adelaide was not too bad.. it was ultra hot with temperatures about 42 degrees and the people around were just laid back like everywhere in Australia.

However, this cool time has an end aswell which was a bit disappointing because in the morning as i wanted to use the showers as every morning i got caught by the hostel manager who kicked me out and said that i shouldn't come back and that i should fuck off. Well 5 days for free is not too bad i suppose :D

So I went to the state library washed myself in the sink like a homeless and met my travel companions who i organised over the internet and then on the 31th of January we kicked off to Perth. It was absolutely hot. My car doesn't have an air conditioner, so we opened the windows and the hot air from outside was just like a hairdryer in front of our faces.On the first Day we made it to Port Augusta, had a little swim with dolphins at the seashore, jumped off the jetty and had a delicious Tuna-Pasta-Beef-Sauce-Corn Meal which was cooked by our chef Sjors from Holland. Yum. We kept on driving because it was too hot to sleep, changed the driver and then in the middle of the night, we killed a fucking snake! Sweet :D What a great start of an amazing, almost 3000 Km long roadtrip through the deserted desert of the Nullabor. Andrey, the australian Guitar man entertained us with stunning songs on his 25000 $ Guitar which was special made for him by one of the best Guitar makers in the world. I heard him playing and i have no doubts that he didn't told me the truth. Frickin' amazing.

What happend next ? Ehm.. nothing actually :D We put as much Petrol in the tank as possible and then started to cross the nullabor. 1,89 $ for a fucking liter of unleaded Fuel.. Insane! So we travelled 1,400 K's in the first 2 Days and spent our second night at Bordervillage.. There was absolutely nothing but a fuel station, a little campground and the Border Patrol which controlled us. It is forbidden to bring any kind of Fruit or Vegetable into WA and therefore we had to eat 4 Apples and a bunch of carrots in that moment.. We didn't make it so they went into the rubbish bin.. too sad . But there we go, in the biggest and lonliest state of all Australia. In the massive Western State, which is full of crocodiles, red Kangoroos, which are the tallest, and heaps of space. It's like the half of Europe with less than 5 Million inhabitants approximately. Well, still in the Nullabor nothing changed much. The road still lead into the horizon and all we saw on the side were bushes and bushes and bushes.. i think i forgott to mention that there were a lot of know.. simply NOTHING! In a way it was beautiful.. absolutely amazing.. we did something about a 100 K's and we put the lion's king soundtrack on. What an atmosphere. Brilliant. It's probably a once in a lifetime ride and i wouldn't do it again but seriously you have to get the feeling how big and how massive and abundant this fricking world is. It's kind of depressive because you learn how small a man is. Actually we are just specks. We are meaningless to the universe. The planet will make his rounds even when we are not on it. I get a sad feeling because it seems that the universe doesn't care about us. It's probably stupid to think and philosophize about something we don't understand but especially in a moment like this, i feel alone.

Whatever.. on the 3rd of February we did it, we passed it, we made it, WE CROSSED THE NULLABOR! Hurray First stop on the other side, with a time difference of only 7 hours to Germany now, was the beautiful coast town Esperance. People told us that we can find the most beautiful beaches of all Australia in Esperance and so did we. We found them

. ............................................................................................................................................ .

This is the description of the beach, sorry for that but i'm not able to find words which have the power and the ability to explain you guys over in germany or wherever you come from, the beauty I just saw in the ''Cape Le Grand'' National Park next to Esperance. You might take a look at the pictures i uploaded on Facebook, but believe me that's nothing compared to the real view. Seroiusly, when I came there walked trough the bushes and finally reached the beach, which was a bit hidden I just stood there for about 5 minutes with my mouth wide open not able to utter a single syllable. I never saw something that amazing in my entire life. There was even a kangoroo mom with a small baby in her bag jumping around in the sunlight. Unbelievable!

Only a couple of meters away was a small campground which offered everything we needed. Cooking facilities, Showers, Powerpoints and a nice atmosphere. We could have almost slept there for free but then the rangers came and charged 9 $ per person for a night, which is absolutley cheap for something like this. After some time of organizing we went for a little walk around the area and climped a small mountain from where we overlooked the whole territory. There were some really nice caves in the side of the hill with stunning views over the sea and we thougt that we might sleep there but in the end.. we drank a box of goone and we weren't able to climb the hill anymore.

I learned a funny new drinking game which i definately have to show you when i get back home.

We had a great time, after a perfect sleep in my cool car i just walked 5 meters, swam in the beautiful sea again and enjoyed myself in the sunlight alone in the silence of the morning. The only noise was made by the roaring water of the see and the twittering birds in the background.

Sweet taste of paradise.. mhhh. After a while the traveller in me took over my body control and forced me to move on.. what a shame :D So we jumped back in the car, left andrey behind because he met his guitar making guy in Esperance who made a new guitar for him, and drove on to albany, Denmark, Pemberton, Bunbarry and then Perth! Sweet, we couldn't do this last bit in one day because there was too much to see. The first big attraction.. no hold on.. ''GIANT'' attraction was in Denmark. A ''Tree Top Walk'' through the Valley of the Giants. Trees as tall as church towers, about 50-70 meters, and wide as roundabouts. Some trees were so big that you could easily drive with a car through the trunk when you cut a hole in it. Fire resistant and old as jesus.. there was nothing to break those trees and a big construction like a path in the air lead trough these oldies up to 40 meters from the ground. ''Big ass trees right ?'' Yes, big ass.. ! Small conversation in the park xD

I thought it is a bit scary on the top because one could see through the bottom of the walking path and it was really high and windy which caused a slight movement of the bridge in mid-air.

But well.. that was nothing compared to the stuff we did 200K's further up in Pemperton. Hell yeah that was definately scary. The attraction i'm talking about it the bicentennial tree in the Warren National Park close to Pemperton. The Tree is 65 Meters high and originally used to control bushfires in that area. In former times the people didn't had a possibility to overlook the whole area in order to locate fires and fight them directly so they looked for the biggest trees and put poles inside the trunk like a spiral which were then used like a staircase.

Pole after pole and absolutely no protection. Now it is a big tourist attraction and suprisingly not a single person died while climbing the tree. Very impressive because i was scared like a little child while i did step for step, round for round further and further up in the sky stepping only on small iron poles as thick as the pointing finger. Don't look down.. seriously don't do it. My heart was beating like crazy and adrenalin shot trough my brain. An amazing feeling and a great experience.

After that something very sad happened.. I still feel a bit guilty when i think about me chasing that poor little kangoroo. Well the thing was like this, we were driving on a small narrow gravel road as suddenly a kangoroo stood in front of us. It was scared an ran away.. but not into the bushes but straight in front of the car. Stupid as I am I started to accelerate faster and faster and watched the kangorro going crazy in front of me.. actually it was funny. I did'nt expected that a Kangoroo can go so fast. As I went faster and almost did 50 K's per hour something happened.. The kangoroo was only a couple of meters in front of me when suddenly something fell out of his bag directly in front of my car.. I kicked the break as quickly as i could and i stopped only 10 centimeters in front of the thing which fell out.. it was a small baby kangoroo.. only as big as a water bottle.. it was so scared and hopped slowley in the bush.. seriously i had a really bad feeling because the mom was still running like shit and didn't care about her baby.. I hope that the baby will find his mom again.. sad story

That was everything actually.. after that we made it to perth. On the way we saw a cattle giving birth to a baby cattle on a farm next to the road just as we passed by. In Bunbarry I had a small inconvenience with an aboriginal who wanted some spare money from me and didn't gave me the direction to the closest mcdonalds. So i gave him 30 cents and he was happy.. stupid dickhead..

Well, we arrived then at some time in Perth and due to my good relationship to my australian fellows I could sleep in a real house which was owned by friends of them.. a real house, amazing with an oven, a toilet, a shower and everything else and of course a waterskiing boat in the garage. Jackpot! (:

We ate real pizza and they gave me a real bed to sleep in. I love the australian hospitality. On the next day Jordan showed us around in Perth but first we helped some friends of him with some weird basketball stuff which was filmed by the german television show '' Galileo'' on Pro7.

Pretty cool, they are kind of famous on youtube for doing amazing shots from far distances or big buildings into the basketball basket. On that day they shot the ball from the Belltower in Perth into the basket on the ground. I helped with the balls and the cameras and everything and got into the show which you can probably see in the end of march. The funny and interessting thing was that the team from galileo was german of course and me too. That leaded into a long conversation about their work and stuff . They told me that they make a big australian documentary with different topics in different cities of Australia. They already met a snake hunting guy in Adelaide and an professsor who told them about the myth that the water circulates in the other direction on the southern side of the globe. It sounds really interessting and I think you should watch it

We spent the afternoon on a boat doing some bullshit as Sjors would have called it :D Riding the biscuits and riding the wakeboard, absolutely priceless. I think i will move to Australia buy myself a nice house a boat and a jetski and doing some bullshit everyday.. hell yeah what a life! ''Goodbye Deutschland'' That was it the roadtrip was over, we all had a fucking good time, did a lot of bullshit and drank a lot of goone :D

Unfortunately my cherry picking savings became smaller and smaller, so i looked for job.. found one and am now back in Pemberton living in an hostel with Sjors picking avocados. 18,50 per hour. Not too bad.. . the holiday is over.. I'll do this for a couple of weeks to earn some money for the rest of my travels and to reach my target of going all around australia. Next stop should be Broome, Darwin, Aice Springs, Ayers Rock, Cairns and the the East Coast down to Sydney again. Recently I watched a movie which i really like to recommend to you guys.. it's called '' Into the Wild'' and is about a young men like me whos doing something like me in Alaska . It's a great movie based on real events. You should watch it, definately. I would really like to do a trip through Canada and maybe Alaska after Australia.

Well thats all about it.. my way from Adelaide to Perth.

See you later mate!

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micha (15.2.11 20:27)
hi tobi,
yes, you made it ! I enjoyed reading your long blog. Great adventure, great landscape,great people, great time. That`s australia! But didn `t I tell you? Keep on that way and you will become an ozzy , too. You`re not far away from that, seemingly. I would appreciate

See ye


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